GSC CONSULTING AND MANAGEMENT AG, with headquarters in Chur, Switzerland, is a company established in 2008 and specializing primarily in consulting of corporate entities and individuals on domiciliation and tax preferences in Switzerland and Campione d’Italia (the Italian enclave in Switzerland).

Providing integrated services, such as residence and business planning, projects business development, consulting and management of investment projects, finance and tax consulting, has made us to a centralized consultancy hub  aiming to build a solid fundament for your individual and business success in Switzerland and European Union.

Our further activities include establishment, maintenance and optimization of trade chains and profit centers around the globe; development, implementation and management of investment and business projects worldwide.

GSC CONSULTING AND MANAGEMENT AG is a company with a clear vision, tenacious commitment, proactive and anytime ready for business. We have the market, the knowledge, the experience; we understand the environment and the clients. We live the whole chain, think global, and provide you with the best operative solutions.

Campione d'Italia

Campione d’Italia (in short – Campione) is an Italian Municipality of the Province Como in Lombardy Region. Occupying an enclave with 2000 inhabitants within Swiss canton of Ticino, Campione is separated from the rest of Italy by Lake Lugano, settlements Bissone and Caprino,  Mount Sighinola on Swiss territory. There is no border control between the enclave Campione and Switzerland. Campione completely enjoys Swiss quality of life with all its preferences: clean and secure natural environment, currency and banks,  VAT, insurance, education, health care, postal services, telephone and telegraph, vehicle registration, working permits, goods’ markets, etc. Furthermore, thanks to the attractive Italian special tax regime and additional benefits through existing governmental agreements with Switzerland, Campione is in every respect worth of closer attention.

Campione d’Italia is the first destination for wealthy individuals of both working and retirement age who seek for excellent quality of life in safe picturesque location with favourable Mediterannean-like climate and unbeatable lump-sum taxation benefits for all family members. Besides, Campione’s residency allows visa-free access to 168 countries.




  • Setting up a new business in Switzerland
  • Redomiciliation of companies
  • Organization of operational structures


  • Employment contracts and working permits
  • Social insurance management
  • Documentation management


  • Lump sum taxation in Switzerland and flat tax in Italy with focus on Campione d’Italia
  • Flat tax rate for individuals
  • Trusts, investment funds


  • Property acquisition and rental
  • General contractor
  • Project development, architectural and engineer services



Thanks to the extensive know-how and vast experience, GSC Consulting and Management AG is often an initiator and/or desired partner in development, realization, and management of investment and business projects.

One of the current large-scale and long-term investment projects being developed and managed by GSC is Campione d’Italia, the Italian enclave in Switzerland. Campione d’Italia is a unique geographical, historical, and natural location – a piece of Italy (European Union) inside of Switzerland, offering the unbeatable benefits of both of them: high standards of life in safe environment and one of the most attractive tax regulations worldwide.

Developing business projects, GSC Consulting and Management AG mainly focuses on strategies for establishment of commercial chains and profit centers worldwide. Legal issues, registration, financing, marketing, purchasing, pricing, and logistics – we provide competent consulting and professional management.


GSC Consulting and Management AG maintains a wide range of contacts and business relations to the authorities, bank institutions, law offices, insurance companies, trusts, expert committees and companies specializing in particular segments which services are complementary to the services of GSC.

The network of highly qualified external specialists proven by years of fruitful cooperation is anytime available to GSC if needed. Thus, we are always able to react promptly and professionally to any of your ad-hoc requests.

GSC Consulting and Management AG are known for its comprehensive approach in developing solutions for the customers. We critically evaluate any given situation and offer the most effective solution concepts that to the maximum address your needs. This mode of operation often results for both our suppliers and customers in becoming our active partners. And that is the best feedback and reference we can receive and be proud of.

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