Short summary on Campione d’Italia


Campione d’Italia (in short – Campione) is an Italian Municipality of the Province Como in Lombardy Region. Occupying an enclave with 2000 inhabitants within Swiss canton of Ticino, Campione is separated from the rest of Italy by Lake Lugano, settlements Bissone and Caprino,  Mount Sighinola on Swiss territory. There is no border control between the enclave Campione and Switzerland. Campione completely enjoys Swiss quality of life with all its preferences: clean and secure natural environment, currency and banks, insurance, education, health care, postal services, telephone and telegraph, vehicle registration, working permits, goods’ markets, etc. Furthermore, thanks to the attractive Italian special tax regime and additional benefits through existing governmental agreements with Switzerland, Campione is in every respect worth of closer attention.

Campione d’Italia offers one of the most attractive taxation models worldwide. It is the first destination for wealthy individuals of both working and retirement age who seek for excellent quality of life in safe picturesque location with favourable Mediterannean-like climate and unbeatable lump-sum taxation benefits for all family members. Besides, Campione’s residency allows visa-free access to 168 countries.