GSC Food Ireland

The Company 

GSC Food Ireland is a leading supplier of sheep milk and sheep milk based food products from Ireland to Asian market.

GSC Food Ireland is a subsidiary company of GSC Consulting and Management AG.

The company was founded for participation in sheep farming with milk production in Ireland and development and production of high value nutritional products on the basis of sheep milk.

GSC Food Ireland is a partner of Sheep Milk Ireland Co. (SMI). Sheep Milk Ireland, which shareholder is GSC Consulting and Management AG, is a multi-million euro vertically integrated business, producing major quantities of sheep milk in Ireland and dominating the Irish sheep milk industry. SMI creates cooperation schemes for investors and farmers in rural Ireland and is a guaranteed contracted supplier of GSC Food Ireland with demand-led milk quantities for the next decade.


Favourable Natural and Economic Environment and Good Opportunities for Growth 

Sheep farming is one of the most important livestock businesses in Ireland welcomed by governmental research and consulting programs with focus on cost-effective grass-based production system.

Sheep farming in Ireland can be operated on both hill-country and lowland farms.

Irish sheep farmers are well organized, have great experience in sheep farming and a strong attachment to their country and traditions which makes them safe and reliable producers.

The current economic situation in Ireland is  favourable for the farmers producing milking sheep and sheep milk. The experience of the last years has shown that the farmers can successfully convert the existing meat sheep herds to dairy sheep within a short time and gladly enter into long-term supply agreements.

There are currently over 2 million sheep grazing on the pastures in Ireland. In the past the total sheep population of the country amounted to 6 million animals, which is at least 3 times higher than now. Thus, the land reserves still allow increasing the stocks without harmful impact on the environment but with considerable benefits for the Irish rural industry development and significant contribution to the satisfaction of global alternative dairy demand.