Sanitizers/Germicides/Protective Masks

Sanitizer/germicides, protective masks:

Our product eliminates harmful bacteria and viruses commonly found within healthcare facilities, and have been scientifically proven to be effective against:

  • Clostridium difficile and Clostridium perfringens including spores, such as:
    – Coronavirus
    – Norovirus
    – MRSA
    – H1N1 and all known types of influenza viruses
    – SARS
    – Salmonella
    – Ebola
  • All bacteria in EN1276 (in less than one minute) and many other harmful organisms that affect the healthcare environment


All testing has been carried out to the latest hospital/medical standards and has shown exceptional performance. For more information see our brochure “Cleaning and Disinfectant Products”


Our protective masks are clinically tested and made to measure to meet your requirements.

In case of any interest, if we can support and help you, please provide us with a list of your requirements along with the relevant specifications.