Business model of diagnostic centers using refurbished medical equipment is gaining on its popularity worldwide. The number of patients suffering from chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, is permanently increasing both in developed and developing nations. As a result more and more doctors’ offices, medical centers, private clinics, face the necessity to be equipped with functional diagnostic devices. Not every budget, whether that of a medical institution or a patient, is ready for such challenge.

Leading medical device manufacturers have been the first to take the initiative to establish refurbished facilities where appropriate to respond to the rapidly growing demand. Awareness about the benefits of the professionally refurbished devices and feedback from the grateful patients has helped many medical centres to make their choice in favour of the combined business concept.

GSC Medical, a subdivision of GSC Consulting and Management AG, has elaborated a highly effective commercial model and is glad to transmit its know-how from the choice of the proper device based on the art of the planned examinations and/or treatments to spare parts supply guarantee, assembly, transport, training, drawing up of business plans and maintenance contracts. We offer a 100% secure, practical, and budget friendly one-stop solution. Get in contact to learn more. Keep following to stay informed.