Campione d’Italia, the Italian enclave in Switzerland, offers one of the most attractive taxation models worldwide. Being the most world’s unique tax haven, it is at the same time the least-known destination for those who seek for a highly competitive and profitable tax and business environment. Which is very surprising and undeserved, taking into account all the benefits of the Campione’s  offer. The reason for that is quite simple – limited number of currently available residences due to the small geographical territory of the enclave.

GSC Consulting and Management AG has developed a solution concept. We offer a competent service package that includes consultancy and assistance in getting permission for flat-rate taxation in Campione d’Italia as well as provision of the applicants with secured accommodations to buy and/or rent in Campione.

GSC’s experienced architects and engineers have completed planning of new residences within the project of infrastructural development of Campione d’Italia. All the building permits are available. The interior design of the planned for construction apartments and villas can be executed in  accordance with the needs and wishes of the relevant new residents. Hurry up to learn more and ask for quotation. Take the chance!