For thousands of years milk has been a daily staple food for many people.  Milk is still undoubtedly one of the most requested food products worldwide. Health benefits of dairy are proven by numerous studies and researches. Yet, rapidly growing population, climate changing and certain digestion and allergy challenges, sadly more often reported during the last years, have resulted in huge demand for alternative dairy around the world.

Sheep milk is not just a modern trend. It is an excellent, and sometimes the only, alternative to the cow’s milk which often cannot be tolerated due to a number of genetic particularities and/or health disorders by many people around the Globe, especially in Asian countries.

Sheep milk has a higher nutritional value and higher concentrations of proteins, fats, minerals, and vitamins, compared to cow and goat milk. Some of the unique properties of sheep milk:

  • A2 protein (similar to goats)
  • Lactose friendly (similar to goats)
  • Tastier than goats and cows
  • Velvety mouth feel (creamy milk)
  • 50% higher in protein and fat than cows and goats
  • 70% higher in calcium than cows and goats
  • Full of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin B, K and C
  • Naturally homogenized milk due to the small chained fats which are healthier (MCI)
  • Better for the environment than cows, less nitrates leaching and no slurry production
  • First milk consumed by humans.

GSC Food Ireland, a subsidiary company of GSC Consulting and Management AG, is currently running a long-term project of production, processing and distribution of sheep milk and high value food products on the basis of sheep milk from Ireland to Asian market and can boast a very positive experience and statistics.

Ireland is the country best suited for sustainable sheep farming:

  • No problem producing grass – cost-effective production, expansion capability, the best milk quality
  • Governmentally supported breeding program and possibility to work with European genetics – very good milk yield
  • Plant & research company established by Irish Dairy Industry – high standards of quality, service, technical and operational requirements
  • Ultra-modern plant with spray dryer – processing of big quantities, preserving high quality of the product, possibility of deliveries to far destinations
  • Strong scientific background and strict product control – high quality sheep milk niche products for the most discerning consumers

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