Why GSC Consulting and Management AG

Services of GSC Consulting and Management AG for your relocation and well-being in the tax haven Campione d’Italia

In order to improve your relocation and well-being in the tax haven Campione d’Italia, GSC, as a service provider, offers services in such fields as Domiciliation in Campione d’Italia; Business support; Improving of the living quality:

  • Application for the flat-tax rate on behalf of and for the client;
  • Application for the residence in Campione d’Italia/Italy on behalf of and for the client;
  • Offering and arranging of the purchase or rent of the correspondent real estate as client’s residence in Campione d’Italia;
  • Introduction of the client to the banks for account opening;
  • Presentation of various real estate and financial investment opportunities in, but not limited to, Campione d’Italia;
  • Development and maintenance of financial models for the investment opportunities, proposing of debt (and equity) structures for the projects;
  • General consultancy on structuring, negotiating, financial closing of the projects;
  • Accompaniment of the investments and execution of the required services that are assigned by additional contracts to the individual investment projects;
  • House moving, import of vehicles and/or other objects, including customs clearance;
  • Insurance arrangements;
  • Arrangements for internet/TV and phone;
  • Arrangements for house staff;
  •  Car and driver service;
  • All kinds of travel requests and cultural events;
  • Communication with state authorities and administrations;
  • Office services/copy center;
  • Translations;
  • Etc.

Our commitment to the clients is to provide prompt individualized attention to save your time and maximize your profit. GSC’s team of experts offers customized solutions and hosts financial services for all your individual and corporate needs.

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