Advantages of living in Campione d’Italia

Living in Campione d’Italia offers numerous advantages. A place where your dreams about wealthy, safe, peaceful, full of sun, sense, and positiveness life come true in every aspect.  The following benefits and opportunities will open for you on choosing this unique location to be your new residence:

  • Campione is the only EU-territory exercising all the privileges of Switzerland, without any restrictions or customs barriers;
  • Visa-free access throughout Europe (Schengen), Switzerland, Liechtenstein;
  • Advantageous south-east location on the shore of Lake Lugano results in the Mediterranean-like climate comparable with French Riviera, at that, Campione practically has no environmental pollution and can boast much cleaner air and water resources;
  • World’s  famous metropoles such as Milan and Zurich can be conveniently reached within short time;
  • High quality of life – a place where your children can grow in a peaceful and protected environment;
  • First-rate school education for your children;
  • Currency in use – Swiss Franc (CHF). All the transactions in Campione d’Italia are generally made in CHF;
  • Telephone service is the Swiss one;
  • Vehicles are registered in Switzerland. Driving licenses for citizens of Campione d’Italia are also Swiss;
  • Health care for citizens is ensured by a mixed system, which allows access to the hospital facilities of Switzerland (Canton Ticino);
  • Insurance is predominantly Swiss;
  • The Post office of Campione d’Italia provides both Italian and Swiss postal services;
  • All the goods imported to Campione d’Italia from Italy are excluded from Italian VAT;
  • Reference market for the acquisition of goods and services is generally Swiss;
  • The residence in Campione gives the opportunity to work in Switzerland;
  • Lump-sum taxation for new tax residents.

This list is by far not complete, yet giving the general understanding on the minimum of what the Campione d’Italia has to offer.

Should you have any questions on Campione d’Italia or need additional information, we will with pleasure provide you with all the necessary details and explanations on your request.