Flat-tax regime in Campione d’Italia

One of the biggest advantages of Campione d’Italia is that it offers all privileges of life in Switzerland, at that remaining an Italian territory and, thus, entitled to benefit from the extremely attractive Italian lump sum flat tax regime for new residents. What is applicable to Italy, is automatically applicable to Campione d’Italia. With the only difference – due to the special status of the enclave its new residents can even count on more:

  • New tax residents of Campione d’Italia can choose to be subject to a flax-tax regime upon transfer of their tax residence to the enclave;
  • The Campione d’Italia lump-sum taxation is best suited for successful businessmen or ultra-wealthy individuals both of working and retirement age;
  • The candidate must have been resident and taxable outside of Italy for at least 9 of the last 10 fiscal years;
  • The candidate must prove to have a suitable residence in Campione d’Italia (owned or rented) in order to get a settlement permit (just postbox address is not enough);
  • It usually takes short time to get a residence permit in Campione (approximately 1 month);
  • The annual lump -sum fee for the first family’s taxpayer is 100,000 EUR;
    Close family members as well as relatives can also apply for the flat tax and pay only 25,000 EUR annually;
  • The tax is first due in 6 months following the end of the relevant tax period;
  • The lump sum tax regime is valid for up to 15 years and can be voluntary waived any time during this term;
  • After 10 years of residency in Campione d’Italia the candidate is entitled to apply for Italian Citizenship;
  • The candidate with a lump-sum tax in Campione is allowed to be economically active;
  • The flat-rate tax does not apply to transactions within Italy, that means that business activities within Italy, except income derived from real estate, are liable to a customary tax;
  • No inheritance tax, that means for all goods outside of Italian territory;
  • No gift tax, that means for all goods outside of Italian territory;
  • The worldwide income and assets are taxed with the lump-sum tax – no need to declare;
  • Unlike foreigners in Switzerland, the residents of Campione are not subject to double taxation agreements like those which Switzerland has with the USA, Canada  or the most of Western European countries, but they can indicate one or more foreign countries in order to exclude income generated in such countries from the lump sum flat tax.

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