Legal, Tax, and Financial Consulting

Legal, tax, and financial consulting are what no successful business story can happen without. Knowledge and know-how received from the reliable sources at the right time are the decisive precondition and guarantee of the development and well-being of any corporation.

Our business consulters, lawyers, tax specialists, bank analysts, investment specialists are any time at your disposal.

GSC Consulting and Management AG provides following services in the field of legal, tax, and financial consulting:

  • Lump sum taxation in Switzerland and Italy
  • Residency with flat tax rate for individuals
  • Assistance in submitting application documents (visa, residence permit, flat-rate or special tax), using certified PEC e-mail
  • Company maintenance- let us keep you ahead of any regulative and legislative changes
  • Trusts – ensure the future of the assets
  • Investment funds
  • Bank accounts in Switzerland
  • Hosting of financial services for individual and corporate needs